Savnnah Evacuation Routes

Four Main Evacuation Routes

  • US 80 away from the coast towards Statesboro and points northwest.
  • SR 204 West to US 280 towards Claxton and points west.
  • SR 21 North across I-95 and northward towards Sylvania.
  • I-16 West towards Macon.

(Click here for map.)

I-16 Contra-Flow Information:

During a hurricane evacuation, all four lanes of I-16 are turned into Westbound-only lanes until west of Dublin. (Click here for map.) Also, several Savannah Eastbound exit ramps are converted into Westbound entrance ramps. These are:

  • West Broad Street
  • SR 204/37th Street Connector
  • I-516/Lynes Parkway
  • Chatham Parkway
  • SR 307 between Savannah and I-95

To reduce your traveling time, consider leaving when a voluntary evacuation is issued. Waiting until a mandatory evacuation is ordered can increase your travel time tenfold.

Travel Tips

  • Make your hotel reservations immediately when a watch is issued. Try to get a reservation at a hotel just outside of the evacuation area.
  • Pack several snacks and drinks.
  • Leave with a full tank of gas.
  • Plan to pay for gas with cash only. Many stores will not except any other forms of payment during an evacuation.
  • Bring toys, coloring books, or other items to keep children entertained.
  • Put pets in their own carriers. Traveling can be stressful for them and you.
  • Carry extra coolant for your radiator, just in case. You may spend several hours in one spot along the way.

Route information provided by the Georgia Department of Transportation.
Tips provided by eMarketSouth and the National Hurricane Center.